How to Install SiteView-Web to Linux System and Run it as a Service

If you install SiteView-Web to a Linux system as a service, it will hook itself into the Linux startup process so that the application is automatically launched each time the system is started or it dies.

Install SiteView-Web to Linux:

  1. Extract the .tar file:
    In the downloaded package for SiteView-Web, you should see a folder named ‘Linux’.  Copy the only .tar file to a folder in your Linux system. Run the following command:
    sudo –S tar –xf [name of the .tar file] –C [destination folder]
  2. Make the application file executable:
    Enter the destination folder and run the following command:
    sudo chmod +x SiteViewWeb

Create a Service and Link it to SiteViewWeb:

  1. Create a Service File:
    Enter the following command to create a service file called SiteView-Web.service and open the nano editor:

    sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/SiteView-Web.service

    The contents of the file should look like:

    Description=SiteView-Web Service
    # 20 seconds delay before running the service
    ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 20
    WorkingDirectory=[destination folder]
    ExecStart=[destination folder]/SiteViewWeb
    User=[the logged in username]

    You may copy and paste the above code to your service file but be sure to change the following parameters to fit your system:
    1. Replace [destination folder] with the destination folder you extracted the .tar file to.
    2. Replace [The logged in username] with the actual username.

    Press Ctrl + X and hit ‘Y’ to save the service file and exit from the editor.

  2. Add the service to systemd:
    Run the following command:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl enable SiteView-Web.service
  3. Run the Service:
    Run the following command:

    sudo systemctl start SiteView-Web.service

    application should run. To check if it is running, enter  the following command:

    sudo systemctl status SiteView-Web.service

    If the application is running it should report as the following:

    Notice the ‘active (running)’ in green color.
    If the application is not running it should state it is dead.

  4. Access the Application:
    Although SiteView-Web is running, it is running under localhost with port#5000. You can’t access a website with localhost. How are we going to allow the application accessible from outside of the Linux system? Visit the following page to create a Nginx reverse proxy server: