Can I schedule to download the data? / Can SiteView automatically download the data periodically?

Yes, you can use Schedule Download Manager to schedule multiple downloads automatically.

  1. Click “Schedule Download Manager” button on the main tool bar:

  2. Click “Add New” button in the Schedule Download Manager dialog:

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a new schedule download to the systemc.
    You can come back to Schedule Download Manager dialog to check the status of each download.All downloads are saved to the system database and you can view the data by opening the “Database Explorer button” in the main tool bar.

If you would like to download data to csv files beside to the database, you can create a file called:”DownloadCSVSettings.txt” under “ScheduleDownload” folder and add a line: SaveToCSV=true. The system will download the data to csv files and save them in “Schedule-Download CSV” folder.